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Restaurant - Menu

We only serve self-made dishes!



Beef broth with semolina dumplings (C,G), liver dumpling (A,C) or sliced pancakes (A,C,G) 3,90
Viennese soup pot with beef, noodles and root vegetables 6,80

Daily Soups



Goat cheese (G) au gartin with leaf salad, slices of orange and pear 10,80
Leaf salad with yoghurt sauce G) and slices of fried chicken (A,C,G,N) 11,20
Mixed salad or leaf salad 4,10

Bergwirt's Classics

Fried escalope of pork (A,C,G) with mixed salad 11,90
„Wiener Schnitzel“ fried Veal (A,C,G) with potato salad and leaf salad 18,40
Fried chicken (A,C,G) with leaf salad 12,80
Garnished organic beef (apple-horseradish sauce, vegetables, roast potatoes (A,C,G,L) 15,80
Viennese roasted beef with onions (A,L) ,fried potatoes and gherkin (M) 17,40
Carriage driver's goulash (fried egg, sausage, gherkin, dumpling) (A,C,L,M) 13,90
Bergwirt special (a selection of fine meat and smoked pork)
with chips, herb butter (G) and salad garnish


Vegetarian choice

Roasted dumpling (A,C,G) with eggC and leaf salad 9,50
Deep fried cheese (A,C,G) with cranberries 10,20
Three pieces of handmade Carinthian cheese ravioli (A,C,G) with leaf salad 12,10
Potato cakes (A,C) with chive sauceG and salad garnish 9,20


Filet of pike-perch (A,D) with fried potatoes and herb butter (G) 16,70
Fried pike-perch with potatosalad (A,C,G) 16,50

Sweet delights

Fruitparfait (C,G) on fruit sauce and whipped cream (G) 6,60
2 pancakes (A,C,G) with apricot jam or chokolate sauce with nuts (G,H) 6,30
Baked chokolate pudding (A,C,G,H) with chokolatesauce (G), slices of orange
and whipped cream(G)


Curd cheese dumplings (A,C,G) on fruit sauce 6,60
Cheesecake (A,C,G) - or chocolate cake (A,C,G) 4,10

Please ask for our daily sweets