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Vienna Hotspots

On this page, we’d like to give you the opportunity to inform yourself about our beautiful city.

At the same time, why not take some time to explore the immediate area in the vicinity of our hotel, taking in, among other sights, Schloss Schoenbrunn (Schoenbrunn Palace), the unique zoo and the Gloriette pavilion in the spectacular palace grounds.

Alternatively, use our national search engines to discover more about beautiful Vienna or Austria as a whole.


  Schoenbrunn Palace
  Schoenbrunn Zoo
  Spanish Riding School

  Belvedere Palace
  St. Stephen's Cathedral

  Museum of Natural History
  Museum of Art History

  The Vienna Boy’s Choir
  Hackney carriage rides in Vienna
  Boat trips on the Danube

  Viennese Pleasure Park (Prater)
  Sea Museum
  Hundertwasser Haus (House built in "Hundertwasser" style)